Complaint: Me and a coworker just got off work, we decited for some stupid reason that we would get Whoppers for diner. He was going to eat at my house and seeing how I have 3 kids I ordered 7 whoppers. We pulled up to the window where there was a girl whose brother was once a person that I didn’t get along with. She started her stuff about how I treated him so bad, I told her she just needs to get my food and shut up. She said and I quote “We will see about that food”” and she walked toward the kitchen. We got our food from a differant cashier and went home

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: only to find the burgers looked like they just came out of the trash. Me and my co-worker called the manager in charge that day( someone I didn’t get along with anyway) he stated that is was my problem

Website: and I had my recipt. So I took some pics. I don’t know what to do from here

Phone: we can not and will not give me my money back or exchange the burgers