Complaint: We were excited to try this restaurant after reading a recent advertisement and looking at their web site. They advertise that they use Haagen Dasz ice cream for their milk shakes, premium Kobe beef for their hamburgers and premium toppings for their burgers. We ordered our food and were extremely disappointed. The shakes did not taste like Haagan Dasz because that is the only ice cream my husband uses at home. Right away he said this was not the ice cream in the shake. When we got our burgers, the patty was so small we were also shocked. The tomato that I got was like an end piece. It was no bigger than a quarter literally. The bun was good but that is all that you tasted. If the beef was premium, I didn’t taste it because it was so thin and the tomato was only two bites worth if that. For the price that we paid, a regular hamburger at McDonalds was about the same size literally. A double cheeseburger would have had twice the beef. The french fries were good but there was not 1/2 pound of fries by any means. The serving portion should be weighed or something. Anyway, we just ate our food although were were disappointed. Then we see the workers refilling the ice cream container with BLUE BELL ice cream. My husband went over and asked why they were using this ice cream when they advertise they use Haagen Dasz. They said they have not had time to change their menus over and yes, in fact, they use Blue Bell! If they are cutting corners and lying to consumers with the products in their shakes, maybe the lying does not stop there. Maybe the beef is not Kobe either. Who knows what else they are lying about. I checked on the website and they are still advertising Haagen Dasz ice cream when they are not using it. Two small burgers, shakes and one small french fry was $25.00 for lack luster food that you only tasted a bun. Like the Wendy’s old commercial, it was “Where’s the beef””. There are a lot of companies that are sued everyday for lying to consumers. They are BLATENTLY LYING to customers and FALSELY ADVERTISING!!!! They offered absolutely no apology or refund for their outright fraud!!!! They already took our money and did not even care that they lied to us and continue lying to an unsuspecting public!! If they are dishonest about one product

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Address: what else are they lying about?”


Phone: 1656 Bruce B Downs Blvd wesley chapel, Florida United States of America