Burien Toyota Scion, 1st Ave S: Bait and Switch They offer a low price on the phone and then change the terms ON THE CONTRACT I was told the price for Corolla is $17,xxx and the contract it showed 19,2xx. the price I was given first was differnt than the one on my paperwork. The only match was my monthly payment. Burien, Washington!!. I’m very disapointed. I wanted to leave after 4 hours of wait and the Sales man told YOU ARE NOT GOING NOWHERE. Try to be a man and say that to an Arab woman, I just staid because I have been told too. I needed to get out of there after 6 hours of wait so just signed the paperwork to be able to go home. Price on the 2018 Corolla that was said $17,XXX was different than the price on the contract 19,XXX different than the DESC 18,XXX. At no time the price of the contract has been said, I trusted Toyota because they have a good reputation but When I got home and checked the paperwork. I WAS CHOCKED. I’m very sad, everytime I

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