Burke Pool Company and Aquatic Enclosures are run by the same person, Jeff Burke. I was hired to work in the office. On my first day I was told that I would be sexually harassed by the owner and most likely fired within weeks of starting. I was told that the only reason I was hired was because I was pretty. During my employment I was called “baby”” and “”love”” by the owner

Jeff Burke. He would also touch or grab my arm every day. During one conversation he did this over 15 times. He is very discriminatory against women in general. He routinely makes jokes and complains about how women are. One morning he stated in front of all the male employees and myself that he needed a man to work in the office so that he wouldn’t have to deal with women’s s**t. nJeff Burke would come to work with alcohol in his coffee and continue drinking most of the day. He is also a pot smoker and will smoke and drink while working late into the night. nJeff Burke is also racist. During my first week he stated in front of all of the employees that he doesn’t do work for “”sand people”” at all and will only sometimes work for black people. He has a special file on the computer labeled “”customers we do not work for””. In this file he calls former customers every discriminatory and rude name possible to describe why he doesn’t do work for them. nIf you are working in the office

Jeff Burke changes what he wants you to do every day

making it impossible to do your job correctly. He expects you to read his mind on how he wants things. When you don’t

he speaks to you in a condescending manner trying to make you feel stupid. He will also reprimand (borderline personality attack) you in this way in front of other people. nIf you are a woman do not work for Jeff Burke. You will be treated horribly and fired.”