I was shopping in this store one day and it was extremely hot in the store. I mean people were complaining left and right and taking off jackets and even leaving the store because of the heat. It wasn’t just uncomfortable, it was MISERABLE. nSo, not realizing there was a no refund return policy, I chose to not try on clothes in the store, but to just get a couple of things that looked like they’d fit. I even said as much to the clerk. Although at checkout, the clerk did say they had called several times to try to get the heat problem resolved, but she did not mention the no refund policy. nBecause one outfit of the 3 I bought did not fit, I went back for a refund of that ONE outfit. They pointed to the return policy, hanging about 10 feet above our heads and said it was clearly visible that there were no refunds. They then gave me a card for credit in the amount of purchase, but I felt they should have refunded my money under the circumstances. And the sign being up that high is ridiculous. nI even called their Corporate office and was told the NEVER refund any money. Period. I was even HUNG UP ON when I was persistent. This company is behind the times with regard to return policy and they are ripping people off. Furthermore, the people who represent this company highly unprofessional and these people should not be rewarded for their business practices by our patronage. I personally will never shop there again. I hope you won’t either. nLeananIndianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.

3919 Lafayette Rd Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.


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