burnips equiptment co. carl (owner) craig sales totally misrepresented the equiptment sold, it was and is not roadworthy or even fixable!! dorr,coopersville,big rapids, hudson, Michigan!!. we bought this trailer online,it was advertised as in fair condition and it looked good from the pictures. after calling and talking to craig in sales he said the trailer was not rusted and had minimal use. so we trusted them. after closer inspection it was real apparent that the trailer was totally useless and couldn’t even be fixed it was so rusted the suspension mounts for the air bags couldn’t even be replaced it needed 28 new cross members which i had bought but after realized that the metal was even too rusted to even be able to weld too. i called several times to discuss the matter and talked to the owner carl and after never having a phone call returned. we returned the trailer to the dorr store. and even offered to take other equiptment in trade, which we we’re told that other trailers were coming in. but nothing ever materialized. i’m bumed we are a small trucking co. 3 trucks and can’t afford to be paying for a trailer that can’t even be fixed! i’m grieved that i even have to file such a report but the owner told me do what you have to do.soooo.

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