In June of 2014 after heavy rains one of my sump pumps quit working. I woke up on the morning of the beginning of a garage sale I was having to find it not working. I called Burton Plumbing and to their credit they had someone out soon but I was in the middle of transactions for my garage sale and when the technician told me mine was dead, he gave me three choices for a new sump pump, all of which were very expensive. I picked the middle one and he had the old one out and new one in 20 minutes. I felt I had no choice because I was very busy otherwise. The total charge was $823.25 including a dispatch fee of $49.50. There are no labor charges on the invoice and I paid with a credit card to speed the transaction. I did not research my choice because of the time constraints I had but in speaking to others over the months since the installation, they have all been aghast at the cost. Many have said a new sump pump has only cost them in the range of $100-150 and some say they only had to buy a part. I have meant to call Burton to complain but I am a recent widow and have much to do in taking care of everything. I feel I was taken advantage of because I was so busy at the time.

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