Joel Davis lives in Arapahoe County Colorado. He is an Avalanche fan who I met around 2004 and was a good friend with for over 10 years. We went out all the time together. Whenever we met people he told them he was a trader. But he never seemed to cut any deals when I discussed them with him. You know, these were huge deals that sometimes took years! He was typically either always short of cash or somehow flowing with money. | When he had money he seemed quite generous. He tells everybody he is a “trader”. In reality he just wants to steal your money. He is a crook, pure and simple. He acts like he has the business deal of a lifetime. In my case it was selling marijuana outlets in Colorado.


Name: Business Broker Network, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Atlanta

Address: 375 Northridge Road Suite – 475

Phone: 1-770-391-5061