This 1st time customer called to place an order over the phone and provided a credit card to cover the order. The credit card did not approve the first time so they were notified. He stated to wait and to try again as he had to clear up somethings on his bill. The credit card approved and we went through with the order. 2 1/2 weeks later we get a notification from our merchant account stating that the card used was being reported as fraud. By that time, this new customer had placed 3 more orders using that same credit card. The actual credit card holder called our company to inform us that we were using his card and it was all unauthorized. This customer’s time stamps on his emails are 6 hours a head of us which puts him in Africa. We were able to get one order to stop before it was shipped. The other 2 never did arrive at the location we were shipping to as this fake customer contacted FedEx and asked them to hold the packages at the FedEx facility and they would just pick them up, which they did. This fake customer also provided a tracking USPS number for a cashier’s check that was supposely mailed but when the bank received it, there was no check. Just a letter stating a payment confirmation and nothing else. This is all fraud. Each company we have pulled up with this name shows signs of fraud. Most of the phone numbers go to an individual with a full mailbox, disconnected, or to an IP phone in which this specific guy, David Williams answers.

2033 6th Avenue Ste 290 Seattle, Washington USA

206-501-2290, 877-959-271;

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