Complaint: I received an e-mail offering to raise $8,000. for start up expenses through a Go Fund Me account they would set up and would be supported by their members. I questioned TJ about Go Fund Me for a start up for profit business. I associate Go Fund Me with charitable or compassionate fundraising. I was assurred that they had a way of doing this successfully and TJ told me about a small business that had received 8K in about 10 days the week before. I trusted him. I purchased the program and sent the requested information. Nothing happened. Repeated calls. Repeated excuses. I finally asked for examples of successful campaigns and there was nothing that was for profit. I called TJ out on this and got more double talk. He then conned me into an additinal $200. for an additional e-mail to 10,000 people. Nothing happened. Zilch. Any question is twisted so it is all my fault. It is my fault. I was gullible enough to fall for their BS. I can’t believe I did so because I felt scammed by them a year ago. Why I allowed my self to be scammed again is beyond and logical explanation but I felt desperate and they played be like a fine fiddle. Do not trust anything they tell you. I believe they are scam artists and I also believe the are operating a ponzi scheme.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 205 N Stephanie St Suite #D 227 Henderson, Nevada United States


Phone: 702 287 4931