First voicemail from Jonathan Moore with Dept of legal services stating going to come to my house or place of business to serve legal documents between 4 and 6 pm lists last four of my social and gives claim number or I can call above number to discuss. Call number give case number they verify last four of my social and speak with Patrick Dolan who says I owe a credit card company 1300 dollars. After much evasion tells me HSBC from 2013 but can’t tell me how he got the info or the case but due to my non respond to them he then says I can pay $900 to prevent going to court. He states after much go around he is an arbitrator but cannot tell me what that means he takes my email address and states will send me a DOV with how I can either pay or I can risk going to court and paying much more. Evasively he gives address and is going to send email no email I call back suddenly he has left office. This new guy won’t tell me who they areand what they do at this company and can’t access my file. Suddenly a woman Arlene Hewitt gets on phone stating he is in a meeting she finally states she is an account rep then a supervisor only one there and she can’t access my account to give me more info as to what it is and that emails can take 24 hours even though he said was sending righttome and to call him back as soon as her. He will be in meeting for 10 min office closes in 10 mins and she is only supervisor there. I call back in one min she answers directly and states told me to call back in 10 mins not one puts me on hold and never comes back I call back after searing for company and phone number and all of their names with info poss scam and no such business. I call back and guy who sounded like me Nolan repeats sorry we’re closed times three when I say this sounds like u Patrick he hangs up. I’m scared they have at least part of my social