Hello, I am Chajir Ale D the CEO of Sapphire International LLC, DBA/ Sapphire Funding Gruop, and I am filling this complaint against Business Union Financial / DBA CIG CAP BUF, because they failed on their obligation to pay us the commission of $ 4400.00 that was agreed upon for the deal Dougs Plumbing & Heating Services that was funded on 06/25/2018, through them as a Broker ISO. | Once the deal was funded and after several emails and phone calls, they told us on July 6th that they were going to pay us on 07/18/2018, notwithstanding that they always paid us 7 to 10 business days after a deal was funded. | On 07/18/2018, I emailed them because I did not receive the the commission of $ 4400.00 wire transferred into my account as promised. | On 07/19/2018 I called every phone number listed on their website bufinancial.com/ also every phone number I had including the phone numbers from their underwriters Caitlin and Josh and no one answered. I sent several emails and no reply. | This unresponsive type of behavior has left me with the feeling that BUF has no intention on paying my company what it is owed. | I contacted the lender that funded the deal Mr. Dru Karaman from Thryve Capital Funding and he gave me the confirmation that the commission was paid to Business Union Financial LLC / DBA CIG CAP BUF on the same day that the deal was funded (06/25/2018). | They have no reason whatsoever to withhold the commission of $ 4400.00 that is past due owed to Sapphire International LLC, DBA Sapphire Funding Group. | It should be known that this company the CEO and the employees of this company are thieves that are dishonest that they will not pay their business partners that they have contractual agreements with the money that they rightfully earned and they owe and no other firm should partner with them. What we seek is to receive our commission, have their rating removed or down graded, and warn the public.


Name: Business Union Financial

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Lansing

Address: R, 2600 S Waverly Rd

Phone: 1 877-602-9355

Website: bufinancial.com/