Butterfield Ford Service Department — Overcharges through Laziness and Incompetence Sandy Utah!!. I recently took my 2001 Ford F-150 into the Butterfield Ford Dealership to have work done to repair a cold idle problem. I clearly explained that once the vehicle warmed up, it ran smoothly. However, at cold temperatures, the idle was rough and sometimes the motor died when stopped at an intersection. The first effort they made was a standard tune up recommending everything from a fuel pump, to new filters and fluid changes. When it was returned to me, I paid about $350 and drove the warmed up truck home. The next morning, the truck idled rough and stopped at the first red light. I immediately dropped the truck back at the service center and reported that the performance had not changed at all. They took it for another WEEK — without so much as a call to let me know if any work had been done. After that time, I was told that the problem was in the insulation around the s

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