Buxton Hayfield LLC – Is A Scam! They state that they want to make an offer on your home if youu2019re selling & TIE UP YOUR PROPERTY FOR AT LEAST 90 DAYS! Buxton Hayfield LLC – Contacted me through Craigslist and stated they may want to make an offer on a home I was selling. They stated that I would need to sign an “Option To Purchase Contract”” that would tie the home sale up for 90 days. When I expressed the fact that I did not like the idea on tying up the sale for 90 days

I was told that the 90 days option in the contact was only in-forced if they were to make an offer on the property and that I would know that within a week. I never heard from them – so I called them and was told that they were not interested. I then asked if we were through with the contract since they were not interested and they said “”Yes””! After attempting to list the home with an agent – the agent told me that there was an “”Option To Buy Contract”” that had been filed with the county that the home was in and that this could be a problem at the time of closing – if the house sold before the 90 days of contacting the business in writing. I contacted Buxton Hayfield LLC (through email) since no-one would return my phone messages & told them that I was told by their employee that the contract ended since they were not interested in making an offer on the property. I asked why they had filed the “”Option To Buy Contract”” with the county 2 months later if they were not interested in making an offer on the property. The response I received shocked me! I was told that if I wanted to cancel the contract that I could do so in writing and that it would then start the 90 day countdown – or If I was to sell the property before that they would cancel the contract FOR A FEE OF OVER S1


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