Once you place order on thier website, www.addyonlineshop.com, they will be your best friend, very friendly and helpful. Then you pay them, which goes to Tifuh Franklin Ndum in Beua Cameroon. Then they email you saying your oder is processing and will ship first thing in the morning. Once ship they send you a tracking number with a link to www.fedexexpress.com, as soon as i clicked link, the site is beyond bogus looking. But they will have the proper info and makes it seem legit, but then it never updates and nothing happens. Fedex has no knowledge of this site until i informed them the other day, but ya its fake as they come. So then Sara Daniels sends email that asks if i tracked package, then she makes up some story that the shipping company needs more money to insure the delivery, total BS at this point and quite obvious. Then after you refuse to send more money Sara Daniels will threaten you with feds coming after you unless you allow to help you for again more money. The whole process is a sham and please do your self a favor and dont ever make this mistake.


Name: Buy Adderall Online

Country: United States

State: Texas



Phone: 1 (612) 444-5912

Website: addyonlineshop.com/