I ordered a Bluetooth wireless headset from this company,bought it because they had the best price.I ordered they took my info on the site it shows its in stock.The order was processed and the status showed it was in warehouse.I noticed after a few days that the order was still in the warehouse. nI called and asked why the status has not changed ? According to them they were backordered on the item,I asked why this does not show up on the web ? They had no idea and also had no idea when it will arrive,I was told my only option is to cancel the order,well I did that and ordered it from another retailer. To my dismay I receive an email telling me it shipped. I called and asked why did they ship it if I cancelled it ? No answer for that one. They charged my credit card for the amount, and told me to refuse it upon delivery. nWell I did that in 8/05 they received it back on 8/13 they say it takes 3-5 business days to process the credit,today it is 9/3 and still no credit. This is not an isolated event.the net is littered about complaints about this company and still nothing is being done. nLunOrlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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