Buy Rite Joe This guy is a CROOK!!!! Spartanburg South Carolina!!. I found my daughter a car on Craigslist. called Joe and he told me to come to his car lot and they would be there until 7. I got there about 2 pm. Keep in mind I borrowed money for this car, she is 16 years old and will be paying the loan from her check she gets from where her dad was killed. She is an honor student and deserved a good car. Joe was not there but his nephew Sean Walker was. We brought a mechanic with us to drive the car. The test drive was short and the car never got hot, drove well, looked good too. The motor was clean, now I know it was too clean. We purchased this car that day. (8/24/13) I wrote a $200 check and gave him the rest of the $3669.75 in cash. We left the lot at 3:05 and stopped for gas since it was literally about to run out, the mechanic was afraid he was going to run out on the test drive. We made it 7 miles up the road, less than 10 min we had owned this car. It was

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