Responded to a ” Choose your reward””. Selected jewelry and “”Only Pay Shipping and Handling””. No product recieved so far. My credit card was hit today for $200. Called credit card company to dispute charge. They gave me the phone numbers to call. Called Buyers Club Fashions which is actually Custom Fashions

12407 Mopak Expressway

Austin TX 78758…Phone numbers were…844 965-8166 and 844 529-5711. Talked to two people

Ivan and Luciene. Lots of lip service and the infamous “” You agreed to the contract and didn’t read the fine print””….Bla Bla Bla….Bottom line is that you have 14 days to review the order from the DATE OF THE ORDER… It has been 26 days since the order was placed and still no product to review. So after talking with these scam artists for for about an hour I will take a 75% refund

cancel my account (what a joke) and chalk it up to experience. Oh