This Buyers Representative likes to sell real estate in Greenwich, and all over Fairfield County [but particularly Greenwich because of its high prices, thus, his big commission for the same amount of work.] My family and I had a bad experience with this one-man company–who lives in Hartford but talks about himself as though he knows Greenwich and is remotely even part of the Greenwich community. He knew nothing about the different areas of Greenwich, and never bothered to tell us that Greenwich has 4 different post offices and zip codes and each section will take a different name other than the coveted “Greenwich”” address. All he cared to do was take a house key

open the door

and show you a house and then pressure you to make a quick decision. He had no information about the house and no “”inside”” information on the neighborhoods

etc. This is NOT a good real estate agent! A good agent lives in town

knows all about the house they are showing you