Ordered 120 hearing aid batteries online on 9/15. $47.74 posted to my Visa account on 9/17. The website said to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Sent emails on 10/24,10/25, 2 on 10/26, 10/27 and 2 on 11/3 to 5 different email addresses asking for the status of my order. I have not received reply to any of them. I faxed my order status request on Wednesday,10/27, to 432-225-4451 leaving my phone number. No call back. This morning, 11/3, I called the phone number listed on their website ###-###-#### and it has been disconnected. I contacted my charge card company this morning, 11/3, and they are putting this transaction in dispute for me. nSince 11/3, I have filed complaints with the FBI (IFCCFBI.gov) site, the Better Business Bureau, USPS Mail Fraud complaint site, the Federal Trade Commission, the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office regarding buyershaven.com and Heath Tigar. However, the site continues to take orders, charge credit cards and does not mail out orders. He has scammed and is still scamming numerous consumers out of thousands of dollars. nPlease view the following site to see the abuse that he has inflicted. nJulienRural, WisconsinU.S.A.

1016 McLean St. Paul, Minnesota U.S.A.


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