hello i was looking to buy an african grey for my father so i decided to google then i went to a website called buynsellparrots.com i found a seller asking $600.00 for a pair i then saw his phone number listed which is 336-448-3856 so i called this number a male answered and stated yes i m rehoming 2 pairs of african grey and asked me to text him my email address for more photos, i then texted him my email address, but then he texted me asking me to send money to him first then he would send the birds, but i refused and told him to stop scamming people because it is wrong…his text messages got very ugly which i have saved and started making threats by saying he will use my phone number and email address to track me down and shoot me, i have no other information on this male except for he is currently in North Carolina which he stated during the first call, but the ad says he is in Bakersfield California