Byron Powersports, Frank Yavorksi Service Manager I wreck my CAM AM Spyder and I took it to them to repair, It costed $10,000 to repair, and still the bike is not working, it is leaking oil and needs a water pump, I have taken it back over 5 times since it has been out of the shop, I took it back last week, now they are refusing to fix it. I have not rode the bike but twice since it been out of the shop. Byron Georgia!!. I wrecked my Cam Spyder and I took it to Byron Powersports for repairs and they charged me $10,000 to repair, I have taken it back to them over 5 times and it still has problem. I just took it back to the shop for a oil leak. They are now saying it my water pump and want to charge me another 750.00. So, I told them that it has not been in my possession and they must have overlook this problem. I have been taking it back to them and the service manager is not trying to resolve this matter. I even called the BBB and wrote to them trying to get this ma

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