BYSELLER.NET/OMAHANEBRASKA GUY&GALS/WHO RIP CAR PEOPLE OFF JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!!!!/WE WILL JUST BANG YOU STRAIGHT OUT OF CASH AND LIE LIE LIE /BANDITSRUS BYSELLER.NET THESE KATS WROTE THE BOOK ON SCUMBAG CAR DEALS STAY AWAY OR PAY OMAHA Nebraska!!. BYSELLER.NET contacted me regarging my 1969 cadillac i had for sale in hemmings motor news monthly and posted on the hemmings website matt a sales associate called me stating he had several buyers for my vehicle and assured me that my vehicle would be sold witin 2 to 3 weeks at nnear asking price his companies fee of 300.00 three hundred dollars it was quite obvious he had found my 69 caddy in hemmings motor news/monthly/internet when i asked how he found my car he backpeddaled and claimed a member his staff provided him with the lead as surfing car publications/internet ect. i told matt i would check out his company with BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and i would get back to him over the entire month of JUNE2018 matt/BYSELLER.NET called me 16 times thats right folks 16 times !!!!!and no it is not a misprint 16 times that is 1 tenatous sales guy so i check out BYSELLER.NET with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and they check out rated excellent i called matt and informed him that we would do business him again stressing his companies reputation and BBB REPORT personal service hands on attention ,ect i at that time told matt per our previous discussions that if BYSELLER.NET IS A FRAUD!!! AND YOU STEAL MY $300 BY NOT DOING AS YOU SAID I WOULD INVEST 10 TIMES THE $300 IN TIME EFFORT AND ENERGY TO EXPOSE BYSELLER.NET AS AFRAUD SCAM RIP OFF !!! AND CONTACT HEMMINGS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS!!!!! MATT assured me my car would be sold in 2 or 3 weeks NO CALLS/RIP OFF/CON

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