Complaint: C1 Truck Driving School is nothing more than a money making scam. The classes are way overloaded 25 people per instructor. I had waited a week to practice backing then they sent me for my exam. Luckily, I read the manual for backing. I learned more doing that than on the range. The instructors are overworked and some play favorites which results in some getting far more training than others. The squeaky wheel gets the grease here. Not A PLACE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!. In order to pass your CDL test, you have to go thru Pro Safe(NEXT DOOR) which charges you anywhere between $100 and $150 to even take the test. I never saw anyone who paid for their test fail it!!! The Examiners are clueless and over worked and on the take I’m sure. They fail C-1 Students for minor non safety issues such as stopping at a yellow that is going to turn red!!!!! or my favorite too close to the line on the parallel parking. These MOMOS actually took a measuring stick to see how close then failed a student. They also have a bad attitude and give smart alec remarks when they fail you. Morons, C1 students have 5 opportunities to pass the CDL test. Pro Safe knows this, Therefore, they make money everytime they fail you, providing a service and not working hard for it. They fail most at least 4 times. 50% blacks fail the program even though they pass the school test with flying colors!!!!!! Every time they fail you, they gain $150.00!!!! Also, people who failed their practice exams miserably somehow passed their CDL exam? Its who you know around there. I passed every CDL test with flying colors including the infamous parallel parking, yet Pro Safe failed me. Please Explain that. Also, the truck you test on doesn’t have the same gear set up(tight) and a poor clutch as well and gears don’t always seat because of poor maintenance. I heard the examiner tell the C-1 Supervisor the truck should be out of service. The hotel (Hometown Inn) is a place from hell!!! meth heads, prostitutes and cleaning persons stealing fo guest and (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))your personal stuff. Also, boogers on the walls, mold in the air conditioner and walls, backed up drains in tub and toilet, dirty sheet and beds never made. War is hell!!! and so is this place. This school is truly a joke. Steer clear!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

Tags: Department of Motor Vehicle DMV

Address: 2701 s. coliseum blvd ft wayne, Indiana United States of America