C.A.R.S. Protection Plus Loves to Take Take Your Money But Hates Honoring Your Claims Murrysville, Pennsylvania!!. I work for a used car dealer. I am ashamed to say that I’ve sold many C.A.R.S. warranties over the years. Over the years we have had several issues with them not honoring the claims our customers were making. Not because they weren’t covered, but because they were supposedly “Pre-existing” problems. As a salesman I have had to deal with a lot of upset customers who believe they purchased a worthless warranty from a guy who just wanted to rip them off. I try to be a forgiving person and give C.A.R.S. the benefit of the doubt but after numerous failed attempts to make claims, big and small I’ve said enough is enough. I will never sell another one of these warranties. It goes against my moral compass. The people at this company are crooks. Please do not support them.
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