C and C Motors Dealer sold a extended warranty and now that I need to use the warranty it’s not covered. This dealer is the most dishonest dealer in the south east. Stay away! Chattanooga Tennessee!!. I purchased a 2016 GMC from C and C motors in July 2016. I purchased a third party warranty during the closing of my truck. 3 weeks after I bought the truck I had to use the extended warranty. Luckily it was covered under warranty and I paid my $100 deductible and I went on my way. I have another issue with my truck and the warrenty company sent out an adjuster out to validate the claim. They denied the the claim due to my truck having a leveling kit. Which was on the truck at the date or purchase. Long story short the dealer sold me a warrenty plan that was void the day I bought the truck. When I contacted the dealer about the issue they told me it wasn’t their fault and they wouldn’t be able to help. I went to the lot to speak to them and was told to get the f*** off the g** d*** lot! Please stay away. The least professional car lot in Chattanooga.

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