C and D auto exchange Carl barker, Carlyle barker, c&d auto Scamming used car dealership Cape Coral , Florida!!. C and D auto is ran by thieves, and the biggest one of all is the owner who wears cheap dress outfits to make himself look professional. BUYERS PLEASE LISTEN AND BEWAREFirst, they will say your approved and prey on the credit weak, then they will lie about the price of the car and change the numbers at signing after accepting a down payment which was double what your said budget was.. Second, they will extend you a week or two to come up with the extra down payment money on TOP of your monthly payment and original down payment. And in 2 weeks when your $1 short or 1 day late with no phone call they will repo your car with NO chance of you getting it back with thousands of dollars on fees worth more than the vehicle. And they find you so fast and accurately because they have hidden GPS tracker devices in every vehicle. They NEVER mention this to you… EVER. Please Buyers let this report find all of you and find you before its to late. They steal for a living and get away with it. Shame…..

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