Complaint: This is a terrible company. They claim to be a roofing company which also rents substandard properties. The owner is real estate agent and her boy friend is a roofer that works for her company. She rented a known distressed property which was poorly maintained. Upon renting, she was well aware of the plumbing and septic tank issues which backed up and flooded her tenants with raw sewage, human excrement. The tenants spent countless days trying to salvage what they could while being exposed to several bacterial and environmental issues. When the tenants moved out, the landlord lied about the condition of the home, to keep the tenants $1,000.00 deposit. It’s a common practice with slum landlords. The slum landlord makes claims regarding a greasy stove and microwave and scratched floors, dirty doors to retain the tenants deposit. All claims, untrue. If there were any truth to the blatant lies, greed and exaggeration exhibited to steal the tenant’s deposit, none of which should mandate the retention of a rental deposit as defined by Missouri state law. The owner makes claims of protecting the homeowners investment by contracting with her company… yet she collected rent monthly and failed to protect the tenants from the unlivable conditions she exposed her tenants to.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 901 blackberry ln St charles, Missouri USA