A recent survey of local gas stations in 2 towns has produced some very disturbing results. in one town all gas stations were as follows:nregular $2.83nmid grade 89 octane $2.93nSuper 93 octane $3.03nBut I noticed today that at a big apple shell the reg and 89 were the same price as the others, but the super had gone from 93 to 91 octane and is $3.13. nI don’t know why they feel they need to gouge consumers that take super, in another town regular was 2.71, 89 was 2.81 and super 2.99 once again, every other station had a 10 cent spread between grades. They are getting away with it because they are very greedy. Since when is it normal to water down your premium to 91 THEN charge more than anyone else, when the other stations premium is 92 and 93? nI’m not surprised that this underhanded company is doing this, as it seems to be all about profit.nA couple of years ago i filled my heating oil tank with their “red shield”” heating oil

as i got a good price for it. nI got what i paid for. My furnace blew out within a week

the technician said that the “”red shield”” ruined the oil burner

and he condemned my furnace

so there’s no way i’d buy their gasoline after that anyway. They should not be allowed to get away with this kind of theft. nThey’ve been doing it about a year now