We purchased a very adorable lond hair Dashsund at the Metro Center store on 2/15/2004. This was our second dog from this store. Many of our family members were referred for purchases as well. nHowever, our little Dachsund slipped through the medical cracks and we had to turn her over to a rescue, you see, she had Hypermetria Ataxia, a neurological disorder that causes the animal to fall, run into walls, not recognize its owners and may bite. Very sad, very sad! nThe company refunded our purchase price of little “Snickers”” but

would not pay for her medical blood work up which cost my family $420.30 to rule out all other problems. They covered the neurological visit and helped us get her to a rescue that also wanted us to pay $100.00 to turn her over. nWe paid $799.00 for “”Snickers”” our pretty long hair Dachsund along with the $420.30 vet bill! nNow

we do not have the company and loving relationship that we had to give up for her rescue

along with the expense paid out toward her vet care. nIn short

we have nothing for $520.30!!! That’s more than 50% of her original cost! nI’m happy that she will get a chance for survival