Not returning my call. Have over $35,000 of my money


My Complaint: Over the last three months we have be scammed out of 35,000 dollars. I checked out this outfit and thought if they were licensed and I checked out the escrow company also. But I guess not enough. They will not answer my calls. They have a Facebook page and are still soliciting innocent people. They contacted us and normally I am more aware of scams. They were very good. We have given them a lot of money and have not heard from them since before Christmas. Peter Aaron is a licensed realtor in New York. CRM still has a working phone number but only once in awhile do I get a human. When I do they promise to call back. But if course they never do. Someone needs to do something to stop them. I have contacted FTC and the FBI but no results.


My Demand: I would like to get at least some of my money returned. But most important shut them down.