Complaint: We had almost the exact same experience as the Casao’s but on a much larger scale and monetary cost. There was not one thing done by C & S Hall Construction that was acceptable and in many cases our home was left in worst condition than it was before he started the renovation of our home. Mr. Hall represented that he was a licensed plumber which was not true. The chief building inspector for the City of El Paso found numerous code violations including and electrical outlet Mr. Hall himself installed although he is not a licensed electrician. We did file suit on C & S Hall Construction and won a judgement against the company for damages we sustained due to the poor quality of workmanship by Mr. Hall and the sub-contractors he had in his employ. Be very careful of believing anything he or the other LLC member, Carmina Chacon Hall, tell you. They have mastered the art of BS, but that is all you will get from them.

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