In May of 2015 We called C/W Heating & Plumbing to go to our cottage and repair the pipes that were damaged from freezing with water in them. On May 27 they sent us an invoice for %665.05 This job was grossly overcharged. 1st they charge a service call of $85.00 then the total cost for material was $101.05. The next charge was for 2 1/2 hours of labor for 2 men. The labor total was $475.00. That is $95.00 per hour! When we got to the cottage a short time later we found that the pipes were leaking. We called to see if they would come out and look at their work and tell us why the pipe was still leaking. He said it was going to cost $85.00 for them to come back out. I asked him if he stood behind his work and he rudely said he did but if it wasn’t their fault we would have to pay. Why would you have to pay somebody $665.05 and still have leaking pipes. He said the plumbing was checked before they left. He said they did a compression check. When I asked him why hadn’t they turned on the water he became real aggitated and said if we sued him for anything he wuld counter sue. He also told me that I should take a plumbing class so that I could understand plumbing. He is very rude and unprofessinal in what he does and how he treats people. I would not ever recommend that anyone go to or call C/W Plumbing in Baldwin Michigan. He is one Huge Rip Off Artist.



Country: United States

State: Michigan


Address: 523 KINNEY DR

Phone: 231-745-4159