CAA Insurance AMA Extended Auto Warranty ,INDS Canada Corp., Warranty Direct I purchased an extended warrannty in Sept 2011 from these companies and they didn’t cover any of my claims. Toronto, Charlotte, Ontario!!. I purchased an extended warranty in Sept 2018 from CAA Auto of Toronto, INDS Canada Corp of Toronto and Warrantty Direct Of Charlotte, NC. They charged my CIBC Visa account $1029.00. They would not cover any claims I had so I cancelled the policy. They said they had a 20% cancellation fee, after many, many calls they reluctantly returned $663.51 on May 23 2012. I have not been able to get the balance of the promised amount of $190.61 ever since. I have called every company mentioned, nobody called me back. When I did get somebody they told me to call the other cpmpanies to get the money returned. I wrote a letter to CAA Insurance on June 26th 2012, I have not heard back. I called CIBC Visa around May 15th they told me there was nothing they could do. When I called back Aug 15th they said the time to lodge a refund was past, So you can see that they don’t offer any help regardless of what they advertise. I hope people read this and see that these companies, no matter what they say will not return money once they have it.

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