cache valley auto sales Francisco and Luci purchased a used car that has engine oil problem for the amount $3800.00 and tried to return with in two days richmond Utah!!. On august 24, 2018 my husband and i went car shopping for an economy vehicle for him to drive back in forth from idaho to nevada for work . We found a car we liked in Richmond Utah at Cache Valley Auto Sales car dealer . We test drove the car it is a 2002 Toyota Corolla four door sedan 5 speed . It seem to drive really well and we decided to go ahead and purchase the car . My husband decided to check all the engine fluids and when he pulled the oil dipstick he noticed it was 1 1/2 quarts of oil low . My husband told the salesman instantly that it was low on oil . The salesman said to us ( oh its the wrong dipstick and the he didnt know it was low on oil ) My husband said its not the wrong dipstick . The salesman agreed to put oil in it and that if their was a problem we can return the car . We went ahead and purchased the car for the amount of $3800.00 and left . The next day my husband drove the car to Nevada for work . He stopped in Snowville Utah approxamatley 120 miles away from our home . He checked the oil again and it was 1 qaurt low on oil he added one . He than drove to Wells Nevada which is approxamatley 170 miles from our home and checked the oil again and it was 1 1/2 quarts low on oil . He then drove ta Carlin Nevada which is approxamately 100 miles from Wells Nevada is was 1 qaurt low on oil their . Then drove to Eureka Nevada where he works and checked the oil again and it was 1 quart low in oil again . My husband called me and had me call dealer ship to explain the problem with the car to them . They said they had to call their boss and let me know what they can do for us . They then called my husband and my husband explaind it to them the problem and they said they would get back with him on what to do . Two weeks went by before my husband could come home and on the ride home the car used the same amount of oil which was 4 1/2 quarts of oil in approamatley 400 miles . On getting my husband and I took the car to the dealer ship to speak with them about the problem with the car on talking with Fransisco the salesman at the dealer ship he stated that why did we buy it if it was low on oil and that he wouldnt have bought it . My husband stated to Fransisco that we made a deal that you would take care of it for us so trade the car on something else or give us our money back , my husband then thretend about the utah lemmon laws on sold vehicles in utah . Fransisca replied ( that will do you no good ) . Fransisco then offered a vehicle mechanicle warrenty for $600. with a $100. deductable and to turn it in after 30 days or so that would cover the car . He then shook our hands and we left . My husband and I talked on the ride home and decided we would not purchase the insurance cause that would be insurance fraud and that would be a total cost to us in the amount of $4744.00 for the vehicle . Todays date is September 26 , 2018 we have not heard another word from the dealership nor do we want to go down and speak with them with this matter anymore . We just wanted them to make it right with us . Without involving lawyers etc. Could you please help us on resolveing this matter Thank You Sincerley Mr. and Mrs. Belew

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