Cactus Auto My girlfriend and got a PTCruser from Cactus Auto and it has a dent in the back right finder also we had to buy two tires the right front seat belt had to be repaced the dashlight flashes also the reading light comes on when we hit a bump. And there are more Tucson Arizona!!. My girl started out friend and I got a PTCruser from Cactus Auto and there is a bent in the right rear we started notesting that the right front seat belt was mest up we had that fixed the back huch lach did not work and it had to be replaced both front tires were real bad and we had to buy the tires there is a rubbing sound coming from the right front wheel. Also we were driving and the check eng. light came on we pulled into a truck stop and the coolent was very low and the car smelt like it was over heating we made it back home and notest a gas smell coming from the car I looked under it to see if there was a leak and found nothing we took it back to Cactus Auto and they have had the car for 2 days and they told us that if any repares to the car we will haft to take care of it ourselfs even tho they knew what the car was like when we got it and never told us anything about the car. Also we gave $1,200.00 down and have paid $224.00 sence Nov. till now. and the car is only worth $500.00

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