Cactus Car Wash worker broke navigation screen and company refuses to pay for replacement Internet!!. Cactus car wash is a premium car wash located on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. We have used this car wash for over a year to wash our 2 cars every week. The average cost of the wash we purchased was about $27. So, you can see that over time we have spent thousands at this car wash to maintain our cars. On March 10, 2018 we took out Mereced E class in for a wash. When it was complete we drove away and with 5 minutes, we noticed that the navigation screen was cracked and broken. We were unable to use the nav or radio. We immediatedly returned to Cactus car wash and reported the damage. They took pictures of the damage and filled out a damage report. We were told that someone would call us within a week to let us know what they would do after they reviewed their video surrvelance of the area. A week went by and no one called. After 10 days I called to inquire what was going on. The following day I received a call saying they were denying the claim. Here was thier explanation: They say they called Merecedes to see if the screen could be damamaged by WIPING IT. Really? They really called Merecedes to ask such a ridiculous question? Had they not wiped thousands of navigation screens before. I explained that the damage was clearly caused by an impact with something. I was told that nothing enters the car that could have impacted the screen! REALLY? The workers hand, the vacuum nozzle, cleaner bottles….none of these things enter the car? I was told that all internal cleaning was done from outside the car and that no worker enters the car to clean the interior. WHAT???? Of course they do! Surely workers enter the car and I question the accuracy of the video surrvelance that monitors the area. Is it so accurate that it sees where the workers hands are at all time. I’m sure it doesn’t! I was told that if I was unhappy, I could call the corporate office. I explained that after spending thousands of dollars at their business that perhaps the corporate office should be calling me!! Finally, I was told that the Cactus Car was does NOT carry insurance for vehical damage that occurs at their location. With thousands of cars passing through that bussiness a week, I would find that hard to believe. Either they are lying or they never expect to pay for any damage to your vehical. BEWARE! The replacement cost of the screen is $800. I am considerding legal action because these lies must stop!

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