We had Ceasarstone (Pure White) installed in September 2019. Within one month we had a SIGNIFICANT chip fall off the edge of the countertop, with no preceding force to the surface. We just woke up one morning and noticed it, we did not drop anything on the edge. | We did drop a knife (regular kitchen knife, not a meat cleaver) in a separate location and it stuck into the surface like it was made of plywood. Which is also contrary to what they advertise. But this had nothing to do with the chipped edge. Also – so many stains that the surface is yellowed. | It is now January 2020, 3 months after install and our kitchen counters look 30 years old. I have taken the issue to our fabricators who have also said they could repair the chips (for $300) but it will likely not last…and I went to Ceasarstone directly and they are denying warranty coverage. We purchased quartz being assured that it was a strong, durable substrate. | I have also looked online and found two other accounts of peoples edges chipping with no preceding force to the edge. They claim their substrate is stronger than marble and soapstone, and that it should be the substrate chosen by people who actively use their kitchens. | My experience is that the product is delicate and extremely fallible. I am accusing them of false advertising and poor product.


Name: Caesarstone

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Charlotte

Address: 1401 W. Morehead

Phone: 877.978.2789

Website: www.caesarstoneus.com/