So I’m posting this for my life long best friend! My best friend and her husband got married about 7 months ago. Tuesday night, her and her husband were having a heart to heart conversation when he turned and looked at her and told her that he cheated on her with Catie right after they got married and right before she found out she was pregnant with their second child. Now my best friend despises this girl with every fiber of her being. She thought at one time this girl was her friend but she wasn’t and was just after her ole man. When she called and told me this her exact words were “I don’t know what to do or how to feel right now.” I would love for them to work things out and move on with their marriage. So I feel like if I expose the Brewton whore on here other women around here will see this and look at this as a warning to keep their men away from this whore. She slept with a married man and knew he was married. Granted my friends husband done something very wrong and to most is unforgivable but people make mistakes. I’m just so tired of this girl trying to make my best friends life hell because she’s jealous of her being with her husband. She wants her husband and keeps trying to do everything she can to get him and he’s been doing his damnedest to keep this whore away from him and his family ever since he cheated. So with all of that being said, Catie Carpenter if you see this I hope the karma bias hits you ten fold for everything you’ve ever done to hurt not only my best friend but any other person you’ve ever hurt.