Cal-Tex Cal-tex Protective Coatings Don’t expect this company to stand behind it’s products..Buyer Beware Buffalo Nationwide!!. This company does not stand behind their product. They will find a lopewhole or some other mechanism to get out of paying a claim or just deny it. I have a 2016 model car that has never been driven in the winter and is garage kept, I purchased their seven(7) year interior/exterior product. I have had two claims with them. The First: My interiro leather in the back seat was scuffed and beginning to fade, my car was still under its original bumper/bumper warrenty period. I took it to the dealer and told them we also purchased this plan. They eneded up submitting the claim on our behalf and the car was repaired. This repair included a re-dye of the leather. The dealership noted that this was a VERY challenging company to work with but my car was repaired and I was happy. This was in 2018 Fast Forward to today, I once again have fading occuring on all of the seats that was supposedly treated by their product, it hs done nothing to protect the material. Now with the car being outside of manufature warrenty I have had to file the claim since I still have the Cal-tex warrenty. Let me say “challenging” as the dealer stated is an understatement. –>I have takent he vehicle to (3) repair shops all have suggested a full replacement, we have sent quotes in and Cal-Tex has denied them they will only pay for a “re-dye” again which only lasted less then two years. –>Overal customer experience has been Deplorable, any repair is more then the policy cost they will simply deny it. BUYER BEWARE. Do not purchase this the cost of doing bot of these re-dye would have been less then the 7 year warrenty plan. Also do research… –>Google Reviews has this as 1.6 stars out of 5 –>Yelp 1.5 stars out of 5 –>BBB they have an A raiting but if you check the 17 claims submitted its a pefect example of what I noted below, they find any excuse possible.

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