Cal Tex Protective Coatings Finish cracking after 3 months. Had unit coated when purchased at dealership for more than $3000. Company will not stand behind. The coating sealed the fiberlass which I understand needs to “breathe” causing the cracks. Cost of more than $10,000 to reapaint which is the only option to correct. Schertz Texas!!. This company is a truly a rip off. I wonder if they ever pay out. After less than 3 months the finish on our Jayco Seneca Motor Home started cracking. It only cracked on the fiberglass and not on any of the other materials. They are vertical cracks about 1/4 inch and there are literally thousands of them all over the sides and back. Again, the cab is uneffected. We purchased the unit used and took delivery in December 2018 in Mesa Arizona. We purchased the coating at that time. The unit is as 2008 and prior to being coated there were no issues with the finish at all. Cal Tex claims no responsibility at all. They say it is a manufacturer defect. I contacted Jayco and they maintain that it is not manufacturer related at all. Logic tells me that if a unit survived 5 years with no finish issues, you have it protective coated and it develops issues that it is the coating. The estimated cost to re-paint the unit is in excess of $10,000. I had a body shop here is Wisconsin look at it and they said they have never seen anything like it before. Cal Tex now says that the body shop “suggests” it is a paint issue. I was there, and they said they didn’t know. But then again, it is a paint issue, it’s cracking from the coating. Fiberglass experts say that fiberglass is “alive” and needs to breathe. The coating obviously stopped this. I have been going back and forth between the dealer (World Wide RV in Mesa, AZ0, Jayco and Cal Tex since March 2018 when this started happening. I will persue this until I exhaust all avenues and will use every means I can to discredit the company. I have owned 3 Jayco units prior and have never had any trouble and have always had complete support from Jayco. We’ll see how World Wide RV stands after this is over.

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