I bought a used ISUZU RODEO. This moron salesman named BOB ENGLISH told me they would work out a GOOD deal and give me the complete extended warranty they offered. But on the invoice they charged me almost a grand for the FREE warranty. All figures were correct on the sales invoice. The warranty consisted of three parts, all of which I had supposedly had a contract for. I only took the warranty because of the third part which covered the fuel system and emissions problems. When I needed work, everything which I have had serviced/replaced was not covered! Then they gave me the line that because I had paid cash I did not have the full warranty.(45 days later) These people can’t tell you the time of day without telling another lie. Now I am dealing with a smog pump, cost $450. I know what they did to me and how. This place of thievery needs to be dealt with. HELP! Jbo FRANKLIN, TexasU.S.A.

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