Caledonia Police Department Police Officer Was Out Of Sort Caledonia Minnesota!!. Officer Complaining about Officer Seth Louks: Officer Number: 105 Citation #: 28 01 XX701301 Date of Incident: 1/13/2019 State of Minnesota Houston County City of Caledonia I just recently sent another letter to the Chief of the Police of the Caledonia Police Department. This time I sent it certified stating he had failed to respond to me. I have been sending emails and letters with no response in recent months and complaining about this also to the mayor for longer than that. Once again, no response from Mayor either. I have also just by letter. I do everything on this case by emails and letters, I make copies of the letters, so I have written proof of what all I’ve complained about and also have been requesting that anyone of them reply by the same standards I use. I contacted the Minnesota State Attorney General’s office by email before and they sent me a letter with suggestions of who t

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