We had William Calhoun as our companies accountant for over 20 years. We had an ongoing relationship of trust. We would ask him about mistakes that we were getting fine for. Mr. Calhoun would conceal all his mistakes and his corruption. He would explain away minor discrepancies with the IRS or oversights for license. Eventually all these judgment against our company he said he was taken care of all fines asking for a extention. The fines became very large over $25,000, we are still getting fines after a year of Calhoun & Ward not working for us it has escalated into a finacial nightmare for our company. We fired Mr. Calhoun he told us he was retiring and could not help us anymore, he did not absorb any of the cost of his accounting errors . He lied he is still in business, if we did not have money to cover the fines we would be out of business. Calhoun & Ward CPA are crooks they stolen from our business over all the years we did business with him.

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