We recently reno’d our back yard and found the prices for bamboo at Cali Bamboo really good. Excellent service in receiving our purchase – they actually sent us too much and told us to keep the extra! We were very happy with our purchase… now 6 mths later; our bamboo is splitting all over. Almost every piece has a split. This was specifically purchased to hang outdoors at our island/bbq/bar. We specifically asked management about how it would hold up outdoors – and were told it would do great! The said they stood behind there 7yr warranty so we felt safe and comfortable with making our purchase. We contacted them last week, sent pictures of how the bamboo is splitting and were told that “this is normal wear/tear”” and they refused to do anything! That is just wrong!!! You should stand behind your product and replace anything that is not holding up and stand behind your warranty and your word! I am now going to email the ceo/president of the company and see what he/she has to say! We feel that we were given false information at the time of purchase and are now being told “”too bad!!!””. Well we wont stop until we get some results… Any questions feel free to contact us for more information!”

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