I purchased Cali Bamboo as it looked very good on thier web site. When it was delivered I installed it and it was warping right away. Contacted Cali Bamboo they were trying to say that no way their product was defective. After much disscussion and grief they were saying that we could refund most of my money. However all basmboo would have to be pulled out and shiped back within aprox 1 week or offer void. I exoplained to them that I can not take more time off work to remove their flooring, ship it back, and install another manfactures flooringas. I already took my time off to put in flooring. I asked them to extyend that time frame as that product has a 25 year warranty so what is the problem? At present time I contacted them to get a refund. They say they are debating if they should do a refund. Until they give a refund this post will remain showing that they do not stand behind their product. Cali bamboo had aready admited in writing that their product was warping and defective. Also Cali bamboo says that they will not issue refund on cut pieces which pieces have to be cut to install and that sould be thier problem and not mine.

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