Complaint: Caliber Home Loans, Inc everytime I make a payment they put it to my interest . A customer service rep name Mikey ID # 27474 told me that they add interest to your loan by how long it take you to pay your monthly payment. My payment was due on September 28,2017 andu00c2 I paid it on October 6,2017 they told me I have a 11day grace period on my loan but they continue to put all of my payment to the interest and said I had nothing left over for my principle and that its a simple loan.Caliber Home Loans is one of the biggest rip off company I ever seen.They say they want to help you but they are taken advantage of their customers. Can someone Please help me.

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Address: P O Box 7731 Springfield, Ohio United States


Phone: 1-800-401-6587