They are fraud, liers, inhuman with not courtesy. Here is the thing. I called up Expedia and made the reservation, we were looking for pet friendly hotel. Initially expeida said the hotel charges 15$ for the pet. We asked them that other places i stayed would generally waived the fee. The expedia professional put me on hold and talked to the hotel mgr and said they waived $5 and would be happy with $10 extra for pet. nWe reached their in the middle of the night and made sure that rooms would be available by calling them in advance and letting them know of our time of arrival. When we reached their the mgr was furious and initially said they would accept accept any pets and wouldnt let us checkin, as “No pet policy”” was clearly mentioned in their website. I gave them details about Expedia call and the waiver etc. On this they said there are other rooms that allowed pets but they dont have any thing available. I also pleaded them about showing human consideration as it was late in the night about 12:30 am and that i would make sure to leave the pet in the crate and would not open the crate. They are run by Patels

we also talked to them about being from the same community

they could show some courtesy

but they refused to allow us check in and we had to find other hotel. nWe called Expedia for a refund and they too mentioned the hotel mgr was lying to them giving just as they lied to me

giving conflicting statement that they dont accept pets and later saying they do. Expeidia them selves are filling fraud complaint against them and they are helping me out in filling the complaint. I am going to go till the end.”