Complaint: Hi my name is Mario. I have been fighting with the DCSS for several months now. I am being falsely accused of being the father of a child that is not mine. I paid for an accreditted 3rd genetic testing laboratory to conduct a DNA test between myself and the alleged child. The testing laboratory is fully accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) they maintain teh very same accredidation that the “Approved”” DCSS testing laboratories have. The test was conducted persuant to California family code “”chain of custody”” . The “”mother”” was a willing participant. The test resulst prove that I am not the biological father. The “”mother”” filed a fraudulant complaint through DCSS and both have been harrassing me since then. DCSS refuses to recognize the test validity and refuses to site California family code that disqualifies my test results. I am forced to participate in their “”Complaint”” against me even though I have provided thenm with legally admissable eveidence that proves that I am not the biological father of the “”child”” in question. DCSS refuses to provide me with any real help in regards to my case and is perpetuating a fraud. The whole ordeal has caused me undue stress and I have developed stress related health issues because of this. Does anyone know of any California court documents that I can file to have the case dismissed based on my evidence. Has anyone been through a similar situation and has won the court case “”Complaint”” against DCSS? Any legal and planning advise is most appretiated. I don’t have much money and have to prepare all the documents myself. I just want this nightmare to end before it kills me…Please help.”

Tags: Family Services

Address: California Torrance, California United States of America