Complaint: I had no choice but to pay for a smog inspection $40 and 2014 registration $92, which was due on 03/15/2014… two weeks prior to moving by car from California. I found it shocking and a bit absurd that those fees are not pro-rated. I’d even accept a small additional handling fee going to the state. They instead take all of it. No refunds. I had little choice but to pay the registration, simply because I needed to keep my vehicle road legal. I needed to do so because I would be driving through eight states to get to my new residence… so zero options. Without a partial refund, I yesterday, had to pay an additional $192 which is the total amount to register…including license plate cost in the new state. Now I can see why some people resort to crime. Had I driven unregistered, I’d be breaking the law…instead the state ripped me off.

Tags: Department of Motor Vehicle DMV

Address: Sacramento, California USA